Pain Management in Workers’ Compensation Cases

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What is Pain Management and How Does it Work?

We have many clients who are referred to pain management physicians after they undergo surgeries. Pain management doctors diagnose and treat individuals who are suffering from chronic pain. The goal of a pain management physician is to reduce your pain and at the same time increase your functionality and your quality of life. Pain management treatment should be offered on a very individualized basis because every person’s pain is unique. Treatment options typically include medications, blocks and injections often in conjunction with physical therapy and psychological counseling. A good pain management physician will coordinate his or her treatment plan with your surgeon. (Click here for a nice summary of pain management from WebMD.)

We take the choice of our clients’ pain management physician seriously

The choice of the right pain management physician for our clients is a very important one. We take this choice seriously. Our job as workers’ compensation attorneys is to ensure that the pain management doctors who treat our clients have their best interests at heart and offer them the treatment that will truly benefit them. We do not want our clients being sent to pain management physicians who are known to offer minimal, short-term treatment to their patients so that they can get more referrals from employers and workers’ compensation insurers.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury at work and are currently in pain management treatment or in need of pain management, we can offer the necessary guidance. Treatment with the right pain management doctor can make all the difference in reducing your chronic pain. Finding the right physician can also play a huge role in the settlement value of your case. We have worked with many well-respected pain management providers over the years and can make recommendations that best fit your situation. Let us take a huge weight off your shoulders so that you can focus all of your energy on your recovery.

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