return to work after injury

The Key to a Successful Return to Work After a Work-Related Injury

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Many of our clients suffer Catastrophic work-related injuries and are not able to return to work. However, we also represent injured workers who may be able to return to light-duty positions that do not match their pre-injury jobs. We know this can be a frightening situation, but we also believe that when one door closes, another better door can open. Particularly …

workers comp hip replacement

New Advances in Hip Replacement

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As modern medicine advances, the advances in hip replacement surgery has taken center stage.  We recently attended the Resurgens Work Link Summit where both traditional and robotic approaches were discussed by two of Atlanta’s leading joint replacement surgeons, Dr. Freddy Achecar and Dr. Charles Claps.  During the presentation, both physicians discussed the idea of arthritis resulting in destruction of the …

functional capacity evaluation by physical therapist

What You Need to Know Before Going to a Functional Capacity Evaluation “FCE”

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Why are you being referred for an FCE? As you approach maximum medical improvement from your work-related injury, your authorized treating physician may order a Functional Capacity Evaluation or “FCE”.  The purpose of the FCE is to determine what your physical abilities and limitations are.  Your treating physician needs to ultimately make an assessment regarding whether you can return to your pre-injury …

hospital worker

“Light Duty” Risks for Healthcare Workers

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One of the issues related to workers’ compensation claims in the healthcare system is that workers’ compensation carriers will attempt to bring injured employees back to work at “light duty” when in fact any job surrounding patient care is on its face a heavy job.

Work Injury Tips

10 New Year’s Tips If You Have Been Injured On The Job In Georgia

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1. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you. If you don’t have an attorney, it is not a level playing field. 2. Don’t let your employer send you to a clinic without showing you the panel of physicians first. 3. Don’t call out sick without an excuse from your authorized treating physician, or you run the risk of …

counseling session

Psychological Injury Compensation

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At Sadow & Froy, we get calls about psychological injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder, psychological trauma resulting from an injury, and emotional distress resulting from issues at work.  In Georgia, there are very few circumstances where psychological treatment is found to be the responsibility of the workers’ compensation insurance company.  The first question that must be addressed when we …

low back pain work injury

Chronic Back Pain: New Treatment Option

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Chronic Back Pain Back pain is one of the most common reasons people see a doctor or miss time from work.  The number of people globally with low back pain increased from 377.5 million in 1990 to 577 million in 2017.  Chronic back pain resulting from work-related injuries affects thousands of Georgia’s workers each year. Vertebrogenic Pain The FDA recently …

shoulder injury

New Rotator Cuff Balloon Procedure Could be Game Changer for Severe Tears

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Rotator cuff tears are the primary reason why injured workers with shoulder pain go to the doctor. Aninnovative new balloon procedure is now available for some individuals with “irreparable rotator cufftears”. This procedure is designed to allow people with severe shoulder injuries to recover faster withless pain. The new minimally invasive technique can be utilized when an injured worker has …

The Impact of Social Factors on Workers’ Compensation Claimants

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When an individual suffers a work related injury, the loss of income presents the number one concern which sets off a “chain reaction” that affects housing and financial security.  An on-the-job injury does not just affect the injured worker. It affects the injured worker’s entire family. It can lead to child care issues, housing issues including inability to pay rent, and relationship problems …