The Lowdown! I Bet You Didn’t Know Susan & Steve Sadow.

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Atlanta is chock full of interesting “movers and shakers” – some bent on creativity, activism and/or just plain having fun and living the good life. Lean in to hear some of the “off the cuff” remarks as to what makes Susan and Steve Sadow tick.

Steve is a nationally recognized criminal defense attorney. His 44-plus year career includes numerous high-profile clients including 45th President Donald J. Trump, rappers/entertainers TI, Rick Ross, Gunna, and Usher, Howard K. Stern (Anna Nicole Smith’s boyfriend/attorney), and Steve Kaplan (Gold Club owner). In 2020-2024, Steve was selected by Atlanta Magazine as one of the Top 500 most powerful, influential leaders in Atlanta.

Susan is a workers’ compensation claimants attorney. She began practicing in 1981 and started her own firm in 1992, which is now named Sadow & Froy. Susan has been recognized as a Georgia Super Lawyer since 2006 and by Best Lawyers in America since 2003, including being selected 2024 Lawyer of the Year. Her specialty is catastrophic injuries. She is also a certified mediator.

Steve was raised in Trotwood, Ohio, and Susan in Englewood, N.J. Steve moved to Atlanta in 1976 and Susan in 1978. They met at Emory Law School and married in 1980.

“Papi” and “Grammy” have two sons, Rob and Jon, and five grandchildren. Both sons attended The Epstein School and Woodward Academy, and graduated college out-of-state. The Sadow’s are members of Congregation B’nai Torah.

Learn what these two barristers have in common … or not.

Who’s more argumentative?

Steve: Susan is.

Susan: Steve is.

Who was the better student at Emory Law School?

Susan: I attended all my classes and was the better student. Steve went to no classes except those related to criminal law. Steve didn’t even take the Bar review course. I worked hard; Steve had too much fun.

How did you meet and who asked whom out first?

Susan: Steve was two years ahead of me. He went to my first-year orientation social to scope out the women. He was smitten and asked me out the next day.

Steve: Guilty as charged.

So how do you two relate at home?

Susan and Steve: Like a couple that has been married for 43-plus years. Compromise and respect.

Do you talk about law at home?

Steve: Yes, but our practices are completely different. I understand what she does but know nothing about the medical aspect of her

workers’ compensation practice.

Susan: He tells me about his clients’ cases, and then we disagree on what the outcome should be. I would not be Steve’s ideal juror.

What do you two for fun?

Susan: We both love to travel and dine at fine restaurants. I enjoy skiing, hiking, yoga, and Pilates. And spending time with

our five grandchildren.

Steve: I’m a pretty competitive pickleball player and a much less competitive golfer. We both love hanging out with friends and

family at our place in Aspen.

Who’s reading/streaming what?

Susan: I’m reading “Annie Bot” by Sierra Greer. I stream nonaction shows – currently “A Gentleman in Moscow.”

Steve: I read legal fiction. I stream any action adventure where someone is killed in the first five minutes. As you can imagine, we

rarely watch anything together because we can’t agree on what to watch.

One silly thing no one knows about us is …

Susan: He is a frustrated hairdresser.

Steve: Susan’s idol is Julia Child. She thinks she is an expert at guessing the value of items on “Antique Roadshow.”

Do you two align politically?

Susan and Steve: Most of the time.

Steve: But she tends to remind me that I represent the 45th President in his case in Fulton County.

The most important thing we agreed on is …

Susan and Steve: Raising our sons to be independent, self-reliant, and proud of their Jewish heritage.