The Power of the Authorized Treating Physician (ATP)

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The authorized treating physician (ATP) in a Georgia workers’ compensation case has tremendous power. The ATP is responsible for overseeing an injured worker’s medical care from start to finish.  This includes making treatment recommendations, assigning work restrictions and making referrals to other specialists, if needed.  When an injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI), it will be up to the ATP to outline permanent work restrictions and to assign a permanent impairment rating.  If an injured worker is on light duty work restrictions, the ATP has the power to approve or disapprove a light duty job description provided by the injured worker’s employer. 

At Sadow & Froy, we take the choice of ATP very seriously.  We want our clients to receive the best quality medical care for their injuries.  Our goal is to help our clients select an ATP who will look out for their best interests.  We do not want them receiving treatment from a physician whose sole concern is keeping the employer and insurer happy.

The time to select the right ATP is at the beginning of your case!  Every injured worker is entitled to ask for a copy of their employer’s panel of physicians so that they can make a choice of ATP.  An injured worker is NOT required to go to the company clinic before reviewing the employer’s panel!

If you have been hurt on the job, let us help you get started out on the right foot!  First, we will review your employer’s panel to make sure that it is valid.  If it is not valid, we will be able to select any doctor we like so serve as your ATP.  If the panel is valid, we will advise you on which doctor to select as your ATP.  The choice of ATP matters!  It will have a significant impact on your recovery as well as on the overall value of your case!