The Power of the Authorized Treating Physician (ATP)

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The authorized treating physician (ATP) in a Georgia workers’ compensation case has tremendous power. The ATP is responsible for overseeing an injured worker’s medical care from start to finish.  This includes making treatment recommendations, assigning work restrictions and making referrals to other specialists, if needed.  When an injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI), it will be up to the …

Indemnity Only Settlements in Workers’ Compensation Cases

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The majority of the time, when we settle a workers’ compensation case, we resolve both the income benefits and medical benefits portions of the case in a global settlement. However, there are some circumstances where it is more beneficial to settle the income benefits portion only and leave the medical open for the remainder of our client’s lifetime. My clients …

Hot Topics in Georgia Workers’ Compensation

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Workers’ compensation is ever changing and evolving as changes arise in the work force.  In Georgia, workers’ compensation law are subject to ongoing changes and developments.  In this blog, we will delve into some of the hot topics in Georgia workers’ compensation, highlighting recent trends and key issues affecting both employees and employers.  Remote Work and Workers’ Compensation  The rises …

Recent Favorable Injured Workers’ Court of Appeals Decision

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The Georgia Court of Appeals recently handed down a favorable ruling for injured workers’.  In City of Atlanta, et. al. v. Sebastian, the Court of Appeals found that the employer/insurer’s suspension of weekly income benefits based upon a full duty release of a referral physician, rather than the “authorized treating physician” was invalid. The Court affirmed the lower decisions of the …

Burn Injury Law

Burn Injuries

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Burn injuries are common in the workplace especially in areas of industry and utilities.  Prompt care when a burn occurs is critical to the best overall outcome.  The following are steps for initial treatment of severe burn injuries: Remember these are only initial steps and prompt medical treatment of severe burns is absolutely necessary. We have vast experience handling complex …

10 Reasons To Choose Sadow & Froy for workers comp

10 Reasons You Need Us For Workers’ Compensation Case

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1.  Workers’ compensation in Georgia is a complex process.  As soon as we are hired to represent you, we will help you gather the necessary paperwork and documentation so that a timely claim can be properly filed on your behalf.  2.  Let’s face it.  You are not going to get the medical treatment that you need from a company clinic. …

compensation rate increase

Breaking News: Increase in Weekly Compensation Rate for Georgia’s  Injured Workers Effective July 1, 2023

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Injured workers in Georgia who are unable to work are entitled to receive non-taxable weekly workers’ compensation benefits that are 2/3 of their pre-injury average weekly wage. Currently, the cap on these weekly benefits (known as temporary total disability benefits or TTD))  is $725.00. However, the 2023 Georgia Legislative session has just ended and we are happy to share some …

knee surgery impairment rating

How do Impairment Ratings get Assigned After Knee Surgery?

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If you suffer a serious workers’ compensation knee injury, your doctor may recommend knee surgery.  Even after you have knee surgery, you may still have some permanent limitations as a result of your injury. In Georgia and many other states, workers’ compensation pays you some benefits when you have a permanent impairment due to your injury. Unfortunately, there is no …