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Burn Injuries

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Burn injuries are common in the workplace especially in areas of industry and utilities.  Prompt care when a burn occurs is critical to the best overall outcome.  The following are steps for initial treatment of severe burn injuries:

  1. Remove the affected person from the source of the burn and eliminate any burning clothing.
  2. Call emergency services immediately.
  3. Check the person’s airway, breathing and circulation. If necessary, start CPR if the person is not breathing. 
  4. Keep the person calm and comfortable. Cover the burned area with a cool, moist, sterile bandage or clean cloth. Avoid using ice, as this can cause further tissue damage.
  5. Elevate the burned area if possible.
  6. If the burn covers a large surface area or is over sensitive areas like the face, hands, feet, genitals or joints, seek medical attention immediately. 

Remember these are only initial steps and prompt medical treatment of severe burns is absolutely necessary. We have vast experience handling complex burn cases. If you or a loved one has suffered a work related burn injury, give us a call at 770-984-8900 for a free consultation about your rights in Georgia.