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How Are Wages Calculated for Workers’ Compensation?

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In Georgia, workers’ compensation wages are calculated based on state law. In simplest terms, your benefit payment will be the average of your weekly salary over a 13-week period. The law clearly states how the weekly benefit rate is calculated.  There are two terms that are important to define when discussing weekly benefits in workers’ compensation claims.  AVERAGE WEEKLY WAGE …

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8 Mistakes that Lead to Denial of Workers’ Compensation Claims and How to Avoid Them

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There is nothing more disheartening than getting injured on the job and not receiving workers’ compensation benefits for your care. When denials of claims happen, it is often due to one of these common workers’ compensation mistakes. You can avoid these mistakes with a little bit of knowledge. On-site Mistakes Waiting until Monday to report an accident that happened on …

Burn Injuries Suffered On-the-Job

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Burn injuries suffered on-the-job often occur in a split instance and are completely unexpected. Consequently, the injuries suffered can be catastrophic. A burn is an injury to the skin or other organic tissue primarily caused by heat, or friction. Skin injuries due to ultraviolet radiation, radioactivity, electricity or chemicals, as well as respiratory damage resulting from smoke inhalation, are also considered to be burns. Short and long …

Pain Management in Workers’ Compensation Cases

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What is Pain Management and How Does it Work? We have many clients who are referred to pain management physicians after they undergo surgeries. Pain management doctors diagnose and treat individuals who are suffering from chronic pain. The goal of a pain management physician is to reduce your pain and at the same time increase your functionality and your quality …

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Permanent Impairment Ratings in Georgia Workers’ Compensation Cases

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Permanent impairment ratings, also referred to as PPD ratings, are assigned by an injured worker’s treating physician when he or she has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). The ratings are based upon the 5th Edition of the American Medical Association’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. In Georgia, after the doctor has assigned a rating, the workers’ compensation statute …