return to work after injury

The Key to a Successful Return to Work After a Work-Related Injury

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Many of our clients suffer Catastrophic work-related injuries and are not able to return to work. However, we also represent injured workers who may be able to return to light-duty positions that do not match their pre-injury jobs. We know this can be a frightening situation, but we also believe that when one door closes, another better door can open. Particularly for younger clients, this can mean new jobs with more opportunities to advance and higher earning potential.

The key to a successful return to light duty work after a work-related injury is planning! This planning needs to take place while you are still recovering from your injuries because this is when you will have the most time available to think about your options. Future employment may mean getting a GED, enrolling in school and taking online classes, investigating the classes offered by local vocational schools, or looking into self-employment options.

Our clients have found employment in a wide range of fields as diverse as becoming barbers or hairstylists to jobs driving locally or over the road. We have had clients start catering businesses, cell phone repair businesses, and operate food trucks. Others have taken courses to become certified medical assistants, ultrasound technicians, and phlebotomists. Still, other clients have taken real estate classes and have become successful real estate agents.  

Reaching out to family members and friends to learn more about the type of work that they do can provide ideas about future employment. We advise each and every one of our clients that the best time to start thinking about what they will do after their workers’ compensation cases end is while their cases are still active.  It is NOT when they receive their settlement checks. Our goal is to know that our clients have taken the necessary steps toward new employment.  These steps will allow them to once again become productive members of society who can provide financial support for their families.  There is life after a workers’ compensation claim!