carpal tunnel repetitive work injury

Carpal Tunnel & Repetitive Use Injuries

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

Carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome are two types of repetitive motion injuries that frequently occur in the workplace. If you have carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel syndrome as a result of your work-related duties, turn to our experienced and knowledgeable staff at the law office of Sadow & Froy.

hand wrist elbow injury

Hand, Wrist Elbow & Arm Injuries

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

If you have sustained an on-the-job injury to your upper extremity – whether it is your hand, wrist, elbow or arm – you may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. To understand your rights under the law, trust your hand, wrist, elbow or arm injury case to an attorney who can effectively explain the workers’ compensation law to you.

shoulder injury

Shoulder Injuries

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

If your shoulder has been injured at work, you are in pain, and you are unsure of your rights for seeking workers’ compensation benefits, turn to an experienced lawyer at the office of Sadow & Froy.

hip injury workers comp

Hip Injuries

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

Hip injuries often involve surgical repair. They limit your mobility and require extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy. Even after the healing process has been completed, clients with hip injuries have permanent disabilities.

workers comp neck back injury

Neck & Back Injuries

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

A key aspect for treatment of many neck and back injuries is pain management. Our firm is familiar with specialists who focus their attention on pain management and can help you understand your options.

spinal cord injury

Severe Spinal Cord Injuries

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

During over 36 Years of practice, Attorney Sadow has assisted numerous spinal cord injury patients. Our firm uses a vast network of resources so that our clients receive care from highly trained medical and rehabilitation specialists.

fatal workers comp injury

Work-Related Fatalities

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

As with all workers’ compensation (commonly known as “work comp”) claims, specific requirements and deadlines must be met to receive survivor benefits in a work-related fatality case.

catastrophic injury case

Catastrophic Injuries

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

Attorneys Susan J. Sadow and Heather D. Froy have worked with countless clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries and they understand their unique challenges.

work injury return

Injuries and Returning to Work

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

Our firm not only addresses the healthcare-related issues specific to certain workplace injuries, but our knowledge, resources, and experience can help you determine if you can or should go back to your pre-injury job.

medical treatment concerns

Medical Treatment Concerns

Sadow & Froy Injuries We Handle

We know which medical specialists to send you to. It is our job to direct you to highly qualified doctors who care about your welfare and not about the best interests of the insurance company.