Workers’ Compensation Benefits


As someone suffering from a work-related injury, you need to know the benefits you are entitled to receive under Georgia workers’ compensation law. A qualified lawyer will guide you through the complex process of filing your claim and selecting the right physicians for treatment of your injuries.

Atlanta lawyers Susan J. Sadow and Heather D. Froy offer experienced representation focused on ensuring that injured workers throughout Georgia recover the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. Contact our office today to discuss your workers’ compensation claim and the vital benefits you and your family need to get you through this difficult time.

workers' comp benefits


Workers injured on the job in Georgia not only have to deal with the pain from their injuries, they also have concerns about the financial impact that their injury will have on their families. Your employer’s workers’ compensation (also known as “work comp”) carrier will send you a weekly check for 2/3 of your average weekly wage at the time of your accident (up to a legal maximum of $675.00 per week) until you are released to return to work by your authorized treating physician. If you are unable to return to your previous position and level of employment, you may be entitled to a wage loss benefit up to a legal maximum of $450 per week. Employers often make errors in calculating the average weekly wage and compensation rate that injured workers are entitled to. The law firm of Sadow & Froy will verify your employer’s wage calculations. In addition to getting increases for you if your wages has been improperly calculated, we help you deal with any delays concerning receipt of your benefit checks. We know that you depend upon these benefits to support your family.


When you have an on-the-job injury, your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier must pay for 100% of your authorized medical treatment. This includes reimbursement for mileage to and from all of your medical appointments and pharmacy trips, as well as your injury-related prescription medications.

When someone suffers a catastrophic injury on the job, there are also rehabilitation benefits that must be provided by the employer and their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. A rehabilitation supplier may be assigned to the case. This person’s services can be invaluable for coordinating your medical appointments, communicating with your treating physicians, assisting with transportation arrangements, obtaining durable medical equipment, selecting the proper individuals to provide attendant care and assisting with housing modifications.


Injured workers are also entitled to additional benefits if they sustain a permanent impairment as a result of their on-the-job injury. A “permanent impairment rating” (PPD rating) will be assigned by your treating physician at the end of your treatment when you have reached maximum medical improvement. The rating is based upon the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairments, 5th Edition. We make sure that you receive a rating on a timely basis, that the rating is accurate and that you are paid for this rating when payment is due.

Insurance companies work hard to save themselves money by attempting to conclude workers’ compensation claims as soon as possible. We are here to look out for your best interests and protect your right to collect the medical assistance, income replacement and other workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to receive for a work-related injury.


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