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At the Law Firm of Susan J. Sadow, P.C., we have been representing injured workers in Georgia with serious or catastrophic injuries for over 33 years. Our aggressive and dedicated approach to representing our clients has distinguished us amongst the best Atlanta workers' compensation lawyers, year after year.

Will I Be Fired if I Hire a Workers' Comp. Lawyer?

I get calls all the time from prospective clients asking me if they will lose their jobs if they hire a workers' compensation lawyer. The bottom line is that hiring a lawyer does not automatically mean that an injured worker will be terminated. I have represented many injured workers over the past thirty years who have continued working for the same employer long after they have retained my services.

The sad misconception is thinking that you will not be terminated just because you have been a "loyal employee" and have not hired an attorney. The unfortunate truth is that in today's economy, some employers are going to fire injured workers' with or without workers' comp. attorneys. This hold true for workers who have been on the job for ten days or ten years! An employer's rationale for termination may range from concern about the risk of re-injury, to the potential for decline in morale in the workplace if injured workers are placed in light duty positions, or the fear of increased workers' compensation insurance premiums.

Remember that employers have access to their lawyers from the moment that a workplace accident takes place. Injured workers need to keep in mind that they have the same rights! Hiring a lawyer won't get you fired. Don't wait until you are terminated to hire legal counsel. A lawyer's job is to protect you! We are ready to fight for you immediately after you get hurt. Call Susan J. Sadow at 770-984-8900 today and learn what she can do for you.

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